Expansion & Lease Renewal

Let the team at ARC Medical Realty help you expand your practice as you grow.

Expansion & Lease Renewal

When additional space is needed to properly accommodate your growing practice and ability to provide additional patient care services, working with a medical real estate expert makes the expansion and lease renewal process easier to navigate. With a clear real estate plan backed by ARC, you'll be working with experts who fully understand every step of real estate development timelines.

Before entering negotiations for a new or existing lease, it is important to have a clear strategy in place. It is your right to have professional real estate representation and it is our goal to balance the scales during lease renewals, ensuring you receive the best rates with the maximum available concessions.

Speak to a Healthcare Real Estate Professional

Protecting your interests.

Commercial landlords are in the business of maximizing the rent you’re paying them. In fact, their goal is to charge you highest lease rate possible without giving you anything in return. Real estate costs are one of the highest expenses behind payroll. 

Having representation in lease renewal and expansion negotiations protects your interests and lets your landlord know that you won’t be pushed around. You should actually expect to receive substantial concessions.

We will bring a well thought out strategy and knowledge of the space options in the immediate area to level the playing field and extract favorable terms for you. We will also be reviewing Cash Flow & Risk from the landlord’s perspective to ensure that you are getting the best terms possible. 

Your lease and practice value are directly correlated. Without a lease you have no practice, and minor changes can have a huge effect on your success.